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        ABOUT US

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        Tel: 0760-22783240   22601780

        Fax: 0760-22630819

        Mobile: 18933325137

        E-mail: lg@gdleigang.com

        Company profile

        Leigang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional automation design and manufacturing enterprise with rapid development in China's electric heating pipe automation machinery and equipment. The company takes management as benefit, develops with technology, continuously taps its potential, and develops and innovates; the company is the first in China. Independent research and development production and manufacturing: 1. Fully automatic stainless steel pipe production line function--detection resistance, car tube (peeling), cutting rod, drilling powder, typing; 2. Full-automatic string-measuring resistance - rubberizing machine; 3. Full Automatic extraction and cutting rod drilling machine; 4. Automatic shrinking tube bending and bending machine; 5. Automatic aluminum plate punching and nailing machine; 6. Automatic shrinking - bending tube - bending rod - oil Pressure automatic feeder and all electric heating tube auxiliary equipment and accessories; at the same time, according to customer requirements, we can customize all kinds of non-standard electric heating tube automatic production line.

        Leigang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a team of more than 20 years of work experience focused on the design and development of automation equipment for the electric heating tube industry. The company has established a complete set of product research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance and service system; the company's automated machinery and equipment, with simple operation, save space, low failure rate, practical, price concessions, work efficiency High, it has brought significant results to the reduction of enterprise costs and lean management, and has been unanimously recognized and endorsed by the manufacturers in the industry.

        Based on the enterprise policy of “innovation-based, quality first, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction”, the company continuously improves product quality and technical content, enhances its own strength, improves internal management system, and provides customers with quality products and satisfactory services. At the same time, we participated in the market competition with the best attitude and won praises from all walks of life. Our products have become the supporting choices for customers. Over the years, we have successfully equipped a complete set of electric heating pipe production lines for hundreds of home appliance heat pipe manufacturers in China, which is highly praised by customers. The

        Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide, and work together to create a bright future for the electric heating industry!

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